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The date is to be confirmed but it will likely be around the third week of May. Slightly shorter lead-in time for this one but we hope it will be well attended as usual. Like I say, I don’t have a confirmation from the 78 yet. Just putting the good word out.


The postcard sale will be winding down toward the end of the month, though there’s still plenty of fresh stock going out on a weekly basis. The sale always does well, lots of bulk buying. One customer spent over a hundred pounds in one purchase. It took three of us a good fifteen minutes just to sort it in to similar-prices stacks. Come back any time..


The full range of the new Stationery lines have arrived and are on the shop floor for purchase. Some really nice recycled notebooks, writing paper, envelopes. Should go well.


Lastly, if you are still feeling the need for chocolate, you can still bag a post-easter bargain. Handful of eggs going cheap and cheerful, if you’ll excuse the unintended and awful pun.


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It does kind of divide into seasons. So April is the January equivalent: the new (financial) year.


The kids antiquarian sale went well this year. One customer can take credit for a disproportinately large percentage of the sales. A sound marriage of supply and demand. Many thanks Mr.

And so we come to another annual promotion: Old Postcards. This tends to be very popular, with people/collectors often buying  £10/£20 at a  time. In fact, no sooner were the bones of the display out on Monday morning than someone spent over £30. Postcards accumalate throughout the year and there’s usually a surplus from the previous years sale too. I recommend getting in sooner rather than later if this is a field of interest.


Easter food is in, cause it’s getting to that time. And our new Stationery range is due. Our shop New Products will then be complete for this period of 2011 and will comprise:

– Oxfam Everyday Cards

-All-year-round food

– ‘Everyday’ range (includes cleaning products, toiletries)

– ‘Gardening’ range

– ‘Stationery’ range

– Easter Food

And not to forget: Cath Tate cards, Leeds Postcards.


Lastly, a mention of the Byres Road Oxfam Music shop. They have had a shop floor refit, and while I haven’t personally seen it, I’m assured, it’s very cool.

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