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It does not seem like a year since the last Freshers Week blog post. It has gone fast: freshers-christmas-endofyear-summer-freshers. Zoom. And here we are.

We had a killer week last week (as did 231 Byres Road Style), some of which was due to the beginnings of the expected rise in academic book sales. As with last year, we’ve made a simple flyer which indicates to students the location of the three stores and offers them a one-off 10% discount on presenting the flyer. It seemed to go pretty well last year and we saw a lot of the flyers used.

Our christmas card stock has arrived and will be available to buy soon. Diaries and calendars have been out for a couple of weeks already. In reality there are 3 1/2 months to go – let’s say that’s like me running the 100m – but in retail this time goes fast – let’s say that’s like Usain Bolt running the 100, beating me, on his hands, with giant weights strapped to his biceps. Going backwards. Zoom.

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