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Working with volunteers, main positives: getting to meet and work with a rich cross section of the population, seeing people happy to be in work, watching skills and confidence develop, learning a wide range of management skills because your volunteers are so diverse, to pick a few.

Working with volunteers, main negatives: when they move on.

In the seven years I’ve worked for Oxfam, hundreds of volunteers have come and given of their time to help us in our work to alleviate poverty. Some work a few hours a week, some more, some stay a week, a month, a year, in some cases several years and longer. We are fortunate for get any contribution of time, happy for anyone to come over the door and ask to join the team. But inevitably people move on and your team changes and adapts.

This post is because a highly-valued member of our Saturday team is leaving to begin her Phd. We seriously considered trying to clone her before she left as she has a particular facility for sorting through donation at a speed that would make a manager dizzy. Hopefully she will find time to bring her personality and skill-set to a new charity in her new home.

So sad as we are to see volunteers go, we wish them the best. It’s the nature of the work, and that one, if farily considerable negative, is always far outweighed by the positives.

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