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My apologies for the long break between posts. We’re entering our busiest period of the year. Anyone who has volunteered with us or worked before in retail or charity may have experienced Christmas trading. It’s a beast! Our biggest weeks occur in December, the big one being the last full week of the calendar year. Christmas cards cannot be topped-up fast enough, queues snake around sections, everyone gets run ragged, but it pays off. Work=profit, and in our case profit=help for people in poverty, so work=….you got it. It’s a rewarding bottom line.

As ever, we are swimming in excellent quality donation. Yesterday a man rolled up in a station wagon sagging with neatly stacked, dead-weight boxes. He said to me: “this is the cream of the crop here”. Seriously, it was. This is one way the system works really well. I suspect, like a lot of donors, he knew the kind of stuff we sold, knew we had the skills and diligence to establish a deserving price, and he packed up what amounted to a large amount of revenue for us, drove it over and gifted it. My only tiny gripe was that there wasn’t a huge amount of fiction in there (greed, greed). So just as well the steady stream of one-and-two bag dontions of fiction and crime keep our bread-and-butter sections going too.

In Oxfam at large, the East Africa Food Crisis is still a crucial campaign, as is the Climate Change drive to Copenhagen. Go here to find out details about  the Glasgow Wave on the 5th December. Get involved if you can. Also,  Helena Chistensen recently travelled to her mother’s native country of Peru to document the consequences of climate change there. You can view her photographs here.

I’ll post again before Santa graces your chimneys.

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