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We have just completed another financial year and considering the all-pervasive economic downturn, it’s been a good one. Our donors have kept up the continuous gifts of quality books, our customers have dug deep into their pockets and our volunteers have continued to be the lifeblood of the business. May it continue so in 09/10. Once again, many thanks from John, James and the team.

Climate change is an issue that affects everyone. All of us can be doing more in our everyday lives to reduce our own carbon footprint, in our homes, workplaces, schools, universities, social groups, anywhere, in any context. It’s easy to acquiesce and not take responsibility, but the responsibility is everyones: it’s on all of us. That includes our politicians and policy makers. Without appropriate recognition and action on a national and global scale, we will face more and more severe consequences. So the climate change meetings that are being held this year, culminating in the December summit in Copenhagen, are absolutely crucial. We can’t make our elected do what’s needed, but we can ensure that we get ourselves heard and hope that a consensus is reached that best enables us to deal with global change. I would urge all reading this post to go to the “Climate Change” tab, read through the information and most importantly, follow the link to Oxfam.org. to add your details to the petition. It’s far from a token exercise, and the more names and emails we get included, the greater the impact.

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