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Boots, waterproofs, wool. By the end of this month I might be saying: crampons and subzero windproofs. At any rate, in this weather, you’re happy to see one volunteer make it over the door, not to mind three and four (well done folks).

It’s been too busy to blog. Most of our shops are dealing with large volumes of christmas card and seasonal new product (more specifically, christmas cards, wrapping paper, christmas crackers, christmas food and many christmas gift ideas) as well as their standard donation offers. Some nice stuff this year. Check out the trial spinner that we have at the bookshop. Pretty cool selection of bookmarks, reading lights and reading accessories. Going well.


Many thanks to the donors who gave us the entire contents of a house-clearence recently. Dealers had not been contacted,  just us. One of the best hauls I’ve seen. An expansive, meticulously kept collection of popular science, philosophy and history that will be generating income for Oxfam over months to come. If you’re local, and have reading interests in these areas, well worth calling in before the best of it disappears.


To any of our bookshop volunteers reading: in case you’re not yet aware, the christmas staff meal is very soon, so give us a shout for details of where and when.


That’s about it for now. Remember, the situations in Pakistan and Haiti are still far from resolved. For information on what’s happening there and on Oxfam’s responses, as well as links to our online shops, please visit our main site.

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