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Our annual postcard sale is now on. It’s an excellent selection this year so if old postcards, cigarette cards and the like are a collecting interest of yours (or anyone you know)….

We are also trialling a 3 for 2 offer on our standard crime fiction. It’s not often (if ever) that we have promotions on this section so please avail of it!

I am still brainstorming ideas for a Haiti fundraiser. I had the idea that I would try and contact as many natives of Haiti living/working in Scotland as I could and see what they could bring to the event. This is proving slightly more difficult than I thought, but I’ve made a little headway. We’ll press on… 

I’m pleased, however, to see more articles recently in the national/UK media about Haiti. It’s crucially important that Haiti comes to wider international attention as climate change has the potential to cause devastating damage there. Please follow the links below for some related info:




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